Building your own graph library with C as a Python exntension - Introduction (Step 1)

Posted on Wed 26 September 2018 in systems • Tagged with python, c/c++, cython, swig

Recently, I was collaborating with other people working on a library dealing with graph-based data. We started with networkx, which has a plethora of graph algorithms and generators. It is good for initial development, but soon we realized that even basic operations (say, asking for predecessors of a list of …

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Authorship Attribution and Topic Discovery

Posted on Sat 02 December 2017 in nlp • Tagged with nlp, word-embedding, shallow

As a project for Inference and Representation course in NYU, me and this guy decided to do some modeling of academic author interests. Such model would have several practical applications:

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Hello world to Pelican with Markdown

Posted on Mon 27 November 2017 in misc • Tagged with misc

This is only a test.

A random image:

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